Meet Kevin & Mariko

Meet Kevin & Mariko, First time homebuyers who thought they might never buy a home and were pretty comfortable renting...until the PERFECT house came along!

Meet Tamara

Meet Tamara, with a home to sell that fit her well, but since getting married and needing more living space, had a dream home to buy!

Meet Robert

Meet Robert, with a condo that his family had outgrown and a home with large yard to buy! With the power of local connections, we found the perfect home for he and his family that hadn't even hit the market yet!

Meet Nichole

Meet Nichole, who had a tract home to sell, but was unsure if they would find the exact home to fit their needs that needed to give them the elbow room and privacy they desired, to raise their 2 young kids. As fate would have it, Debbie found their forever home!

Meet Lorelle

Meet Lorelle, who bought her first investment property and with Debbie's guidance, prevailed over 32 other offers to purchase their dream investment property!

Meet John & Hilary

Meet John and Hilary, who worked so diligently as a young couple starting out in their real estate journey to save their money for a down payment on their first home, which turned into buying their 2nd home which turned into adding an investment home to their real estate portfolio!